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Whether you want an oil painting, a watercolor or a drawing...

Whether it's for you or to offer a loved one...

Claire will paint the landscape, historical building, house, garden or flowers of  your choice.


Wicklow Golf Club

Vincent always loved this view from his golf club.

For his birthday, his daughters decided to offer him an oil painting of his favorite landscape.


Black Castle 

Niamh wanted a painting that would remind her of her childhood.

She chose this view of the Black castle and sea.

IMG_20210313_103915 (3).jpg

Calary races

Pencil drawing of a 1940's photo for a special birthday

pink Roses com 4.jpg
Snapdragons com 3.jpg


Mary loves flowers. When she saw the Snapdragon watercolor on Facebook, she decided to get it, and asked the artist to paint another flower in the same format. I chose Roses.


Commissioned by the Roundwood Inn


Commissioned work for people leaving their beloved homes


For Anne and Jeff in America

Glendalough Monastic Site

Pen and Ink


A special commission  for Camille and Baptiste in Paris

A souvenir of a trip to Vietnam

Pen and ink


A young lady commissioned a pencil drawing. of a beautiful tatoo she has on her back


When Roger saw this watercolour in my sketchbook, he asked me for a painting of it. It is in the small village of Saint-Germer-de-Fly, Hauts-De-France

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